The Down Ancient Paths Scholarship Fund

Down Ancient Paths is a government award winning Christian Studies travel study program at Ambrose University College. Since its inception, it has enabled participants to probe the historical and spiritual depths of the global Christian heritage by offering customized, professionally resourced, educational travel ventures which explore both the oldest Christian traditions in the world and the primary biblical landscapes in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions.

Hundreds of travellers, both Ambrose students and lifelong learners from the wider public, have taken part in these life transforming, educational experiences. Many have testified as to how they have benefited and had their interest in learning renewed from journeying Down Ancient Paths.

Recently the Down Ancient Paths Scholarship Fund was established to assist deserving students with the extra expenses associated with such travel study experiences. Scholarships from the fund average $1000.00 CAN and are awarded annually to eligible, participating undergraduate and graduate students.

Several generous donors have already contributed to the fund which has made the annual awarding of these scholarships possible. The month long Summer School in the 'Greater' Holy Land (2016) is the next upcoming Down Ancient Paths venture with a specific focus for Ambrose students. Already many have expressed serious interest in participating. Please consider a tax-receiptable gift to help give Ambrose Students this experience.

Thank you for considering this invitation to invest in students' future at a critical time when the consciousness of the Christian heritage is slipping away in most western counrtries including our own. It's time again to nourish the roots.

To donate to the Down Ancient Paths Scholarship Fund contact:

Dr. Linda Schwartz
Academic Dean of Arts and Science Faculty
403.410.2000 Ext. 3998

Down Ancient Paths Director
Dr. Charles Nienkirchen

403.410.2000 ext.5905